Yucca Rose – Biography (as jazz musician and acting/performer – the contemporary painter and installation artist biography can be found on the Painter page).

Genres: Smooth Jazz / Art / Theater
Label: Rose Records and Publishing
Management: Rose Entertainment

Yukke Roswenda Heckmann, better known as Yucca Rose, is a leading Indonesian Smooth Jazz and World Music vocalist / keyboardist / lyricist and well respected contemporary painter from Malang in East Java, where she was born on June 21st, 1979. To further her musical career, she moved to Jakarta to study at Elfa Music Studio and Institut Music Daya Indonesia.

Over the last eleven years, she performed with a wide variety of jazz bands / solo artists and recorded two albums with her Jakarta based orchestra “Major Seventh” (the self titled “Major Seventh” debut album and the second album named “Eastern Sunrise” – both published by DiscTarra Indonesia). She released her first solo album “Tree of Life” in March of 2013 and the second album “Radio Dalam Orchestra – Wir haven Spass” in 2016.

All albums and two single releases feature some of the greatest Indonesian jazz performers and include collaborations with European Jazz and World Music artists.

She is produced by her husband, the German musician and audio engineer Peter Heckmann (Hakeem Luqman) and now divides her time between Indonesia and Germany.

As a highly regarded contemporary painter and designer, Yucca Rose still finds the time to paint – constantly adding to her extensive collection of artwork. Additionally, she creates larger scale wall murals, unique bamboo toys and wood sculptures and adds her unique and colorful painting style to recycled wood boxes, wardrobes and tea-containers in her Rumah Kreatif workshop in Indonesia.

Notable appearances:
Nine Muses Club, Jakarta 2007
Erasmus Huis, Jakarta 2008
Goethe House, Jakarta 2009
Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta 2009 and 2010
W-Hotel, Bali 2011
Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua, Bali 2011
Bali Theatre (Bali Safari and Marine Park), Bali 2011
Jazz Cafe, Ubud, Bali 2011
Jazz Grill, Sanur, Bali 2011
Kudeta, Seminyak, Bali 2011
Denpasar Art Center, Bali 2011
Maneken Pis, Seminyak, Bali 2012
Karma Kandara, Benoa, Bali 2012
Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta 2012
Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Kemang 2012
Hakka Republik, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013
Coast to Coast Radioshow, Tasmania, Australia 2013
(plus many more appearances throughout Southeast Asia in 2013 and 2014)

Yucca Rose also appeared in a leading role as actress, vocalist and announcer in the Cirque Du Soleil style theatrical show “Regalia – The Enchanted Forest” (developed by Raining Heart Productions) at the Bali Theater (Bali Safari and Marine Park) with stunning live performances on May 14th, 2011 and the Gala on June 4th, 2011. For this show, she is also credited as Costume / Stage Designer and Artistic Co-Director.

Yucca Rose has performed with:

Bands: Radio Dalam Orchestra, Yucca Rose Quartet, Summermood, Major Seventh, Pitoelas Big Band, Elfa Big Band, Nine Muses, Tropical Transit, Natural Bali, XXX Bali, Balawan /  Batuan Ethnic Ensemble and Raining Heart.

Musicians: Joy Abraham Marantika, Dian Pramana Poetra, Harvey Malaiholo, Nikita Dompas, Titi Syuman, Achmad Ananda, Jefri Tahalele, Indra Aziz, Rieke Roeslan, Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsyah, Merry Kasiman, Wong Aksan, Mates, Eddy Syakroni, M. Ade Irawan, Helga Sedli, Rio Sidik, Erik Sondhy, Sandi Winarta, Donny Sundjoyo, Masako, Restu Fortuna, Ito Kudhi, Ali Fahrudin, Syadu Iskandar Rasjidi, Stefan Thiele, Philippe Climinato, Syahrial, Julien Meltzer, Ali Akbar Sugiri, Rio Moreno, Beben Jazz, Riwin, Devian Zikri, Wahyu Cahyono, David Widjaja, Balawan, I Nyoman Sura, Eugene Bounty, Tri Agus Mantoro, Hariman Dahuleka, Rudy Hutagaol, Bimo Haryo, Sefrino Ompi, Roy Irawan, Kadek Rihardika, Dion, Disto, Johannes Setiabudi, Koko Harsoe, Ami Rosady, Yuhono Bakti Jaya, Eko Soemersono, Rudi Subekti, Winda Heliawati, Wahyu Hidayat, Al Ismono, Ayi Ecoutez, Edward Slamet, Donny, Sheilla Starlight, Ardiansyah, Iping, Iwan, Metta Legita, Tiwi Sakiguchi, Enggar Widodo, Peter Heckmann (Hakeem Luqman) and more.

Recent shows: Regalia – The Enchanted Forest Cirque Show, Color Box Art Installation, and Reveal Art Installations.

Recent clients:
Google Indonesia, Commonwealth Bank, Women’s Tennis Association, Petronas Malaysia, Singapore Art Museum, Fashion TV, Sony/BMG, Bali Theater, Bali Safari and Marine Park, W-Hotel, Hyatt Hotels etc.

Affiliated companies: Rose Entertainment Asia (with the affiliated Rose Records and Publishing) provides online marketing and creative support for a selected group of highly talented artists and bands.



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